2014 Race Schedule:

                                                                04.06.14      5K Run > Represent @ Peoria Sports Complex


                                                                10.04.14       Super Hero Run @ Reach 11

                                                                10.18.14       Race 2 Cure Diabetes @ Reach 11

                                                                 10.25.14      Intense Racing/Task Fitness Half Marathon & 5K @ Reach 11

                                                                 11.01.14      Intense Racing/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome @ Reach 11 


                                                                 12.06.14       5K Fitness Challenge @ Victory Lane Sports Park

                                                                 12.13.14       Candy Cane Run @ Victory Lane Sports Park

Intense Racing LLC


Intense Racing LLC seeks to be a leader in the running community; to help people become healthy, enjoy life at an affordable rate.


Intense Racing LLC will organize running and walking events will be ideal for all levels: whether you are competitive or not. Intense Racing LLC promotes good health and the positive impacts of exercise on the well being of everyone: mentally and physically.


Intense Racing LLC is a "For Profit" company and will donate a portion of the proceeds to a local non-profit charity from each race. As many are aware of the poor state of the economy and thus loss of funding for many non-profit agencies in the valley.

What could be better, running and helping a great local cause???

Each race will be timed and results link posted on this website. Intense Racing LLC plans to organize 6-8 races in 2014 and increase the number of races in the coming years.

Are you interested in TRAINING for PF CHANG'S HALF OR FULL MARATHON (January 18, 2015)....register & fundraise for Team Diabetes! The training will provide you with 22 week training program, entry into PF Chang's Half or Full Marathon and the awesome feeling of helping a great cause.

Here is the kicker' if YOU register for Team Diabetes ($25) your next Intense Racing race ENTRY is FREE (20 participants per race)! Email intenseracing72@gmail.com if you are interested or have questions.
Team Diabetes



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